Our Facilities

Hydrotherapy Pool

We have a heated 5.2 meters long, by 2 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep hydrotherapy pool which also has 2 underwater jets for resistance swimming with an entry and exit ramp. The water is heated to around 30° to aid in dilating the blood vessels to problem areas encouraging oxygen flow to the muscles.


Techniks Hydro-physio Underwater Treadmill

This piece of machinery is the latest innovation in canine hydrotherapy, the treadmill provides a semi weight bearing environment which aids in producing correct foot placement that a pool is unable to provide. It also provides a more stable environment than the pool by supporting the joints without the over exaggerated extension of the limbs which can occur in the pool. This is good for surgeries such as the TTA cruciate repair and spinal surgery where more support and stability is required.




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